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Dedicated Adapter Instructions

Designed for the professional user in mind. Utilizes the stronger 5.56mm bolt hold open for superior strength. Tool steel last round actuator is wire EDM for precision and durability. Standard 9mm ejector can be easily replaced if damaged. Once installed it can only be removed at the armorer's level.  Holds open on last round with Colt magazines.

    1. Remove upper receiver
    2. Partially drive roll pin out just enough to remove the Bolt Catch
    3. Install adapter from top of receiver
    4. Reinstall Bolt Catch
    5. Assemble rifle

The adapter should slide in smoothly with a very close fit. The outside dimensions of the adapter are machined to match the profile of a Mil-Spec magwell.

9mm conversions tend to get dirty and require frequent cleaning for reliability.  Keep the Actuator and Bolt Catch as clean as possible to avoid malfunctions.  Only a few drops of oil are needed on the Bolt Carrier rails, Bolt Catch, and Actuator.  Too much oil attracts powder residue and quickly fouls the action.